It began with a search for Shea Butter

It's important to us to have a direct connection to producers and farmers to ensure quality.  We also believe when workers are paid fairly we all thrive.

We are part of a select group working directly with Ajike Shea Centre to import raw ingredients; Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Baobab Oil and Black Soap.


Organic butters + seasonal herbs = our Subscription Box

In the beginning...

Scanning the beauty care aisle in conventional shopping arenas can be disappointing. After years of searching for the right haircare products founder Mandolin found it was easier, cheeper and better for her hair to make her own. Since that worked out so well, she moved that concept to body and facial care. The results fixed issues that had been around for decades. Through experimenting, and purchasing all the wrong things, she learned to always go to the source of an ingredient. Many of the oils and butters used in Town Mama products come direct from West Africa and the Brazilian Rain Forrest.  

Where we are today...

With new policies and information about the cannabis plant and the introduction of the marijuana industry to the  California market, Town Mama's Apothecary found an opportunity.  Access to materials to include in skincare products using the same theory of infusing healing herbs into oils lead lead to our cbd Skin Food

A little about our Town Mama's Apothecary mission…

Town Mama's Apothecary creates healing and aromatic products from responsible sources for your home beauty routine. Let us help you find simple solutions to self care using nutritious oils and herbs. 

Recipes have been perfected through time tested holistic research together with feedback from customers.  Our skincare products have fresh organic ingredients with minimal process from sources we can trust.

Meet our team



After a lifetime of searching for the right hair products, Mandolin decided to make her own. Then cannabis became legal, and the demand began.

Town Apothecary, LLC


In development of our cannabis line. Interested in information about consumer or business ownership in new legal industry.



Master baker and scent developer oversees quality control.

A subscription with Town Mama's Apothecary will ensure products with fresh ingredients. 

Each box contains products to nourish your body with essential oils, butters and seasonal herbs. Delivered to your door monthly, this curated box will indulge your self care routine.